Cortex Field Services

Proudly serving Travis and surrounding counties: (512) 721-9112

Why Cortex?

We have specialized services for Jacuzzi, Koehler, Whirlpool, etc. If you have a problem with your tub, no matter how new or old the tub is, we can send a specialist directly to your home.

By calling us today we can schedule you as soon as possible to fix your tub repair. We understand and want to give you the best possible services!

More about Cortex

Cortex Field Services is a private specialized company that focuses on maintenance on warranty and non-warranty service contracts. Our top priorities are attention to detail, and focusing on customer care. We work closely with Real Estate Brokers, Property Maintenance, Warranty Service Companies, National Distributors and private non-warranty owners.

We provide warranty and non-warranty work on:

Contact us today! We can get you promptly scheduled and a free estimate over the phone.